How To Measure

Step 1. Decide which wall you want the closet installed

Step 2. Measure the wall the organizer will be mounted by placing the end of the tape in one corner and extending it to the opposite corner. If it is a long wall it is best to have someone help you hold the tape measure. If you are by yourself you can make a mark in the middle of the wall to the nearest foot at the farthest point you can hold the tape securely without bending the tape measure. Next, place the tape in the opposite corner and measure back to the mark, measuring to the nearest ⅛” (make sure the tape measurer is held stiff and in a straight line)

Step 3. Repeat step one at three different heights on the back wall. Measure one foot off the ground, midway up the wall and as high as you can reach. Record the smallest of the three measurements as your with for the back wall.

Step 4. Take the ceiling height inside the closet by placing the tape end on the floor and feeding the tape up to the ceiling. Get an accurate measurement to the nearest ½”.

Step 5. Measure the return walls from the inside corner to outside of the return wall o the nearest ½” (return walls are the front walls that receive doors and support headers)

Step 6. Record any measurements of such things as light switches, electrical receptacles, plumbing clean-outs, baseboards, security boxes, etc and make sure to label anything you will need to take into consideration when designing the closet. It is best to highlight anything unusual while you are thinking of it because even a small note on your floor plan could be missed later on.

Step 7. After the closet is measured, begin the designing process by analyzing the wardrobe.

Step 8. Submit photo and the measurements of your windows